Location: Clonskeagh Castle, Whitebeam Road, Clonskeagh, Co. Dublin.

Client: Private.

Status: Planning - granted.

Value: Not disclosed.


The original house, an example of the Irish Georgian Castle style, was built by the industrialist and political activist, Henry Jackson in 1798. Two large towers were later added in 1811.

The large basement and cellars ceased to be used in the early twentieth century and became redundant, and are currently used only for storage.

We were approached by the current owners to advise on cost-effective and sensitive repairs to the existing structure and to consider new uses for the disused basement. We are currently drawing up a scope of works to include remedial works to the basement, alterations and repairs to the upper floors and an improved landscaping design.

All work will be being carried out in close consultation with the architectural historian, Alistair Rowan, the local authority Conservation Officer and various specialist suppliers and craftspeople.



Visualisation showing the proposed glazed link connecting the two large towers to the front of the castle.