Location: Cranhill, Glasgow.

Client: Bellrock Community and Sports Hub.

Status: Not disclosed.

Value: Not disclosed.

The Bellrock Community and Sports Hub was formed as a company in September 2013 with goal of renovating the Bellrock Centre in Cranhill and providing playing fields for the benefit of the local community. 

The project seeks to use sport as a medium for social engagement and community benefit. At present a number of sports clubs are included as partners with others identified as groups the hub would like to invite to be part of the project. The hub is also seeking to engage with local educational establishments and is exploring how partnerships could be established. 

The MK-A team tender offer was to undertake a costed feasibility study for a new playing pitch and the refurbishment of the existing Bellrock Centre building. Having visited the site with a client representative we proposed that we would also investigate the possibility of a new build facility on the pitch site.